Become a Tiger Buck Jerky stockist…

If you're a bar, restaurant, pub, or liquor retailer, you're in luck.  Tiger Buck is a national partner of 100Proof- Australia’s largest independent On-Premise specialist. The 100Proof Wholesaler Partners include:

VIC:               Paramount Liquor

NSW:             Paramount Liquor

QLD:              Liquid Specialty Beverages

WA:                Liquid Mix


If you're a barber shop, looking to expand your horizons and offer your clients something to chew on while getting a trim- Tiger Buck is now available through the good guys at The Barbers Arms- www.barbersarms.com.au, they specialise in shaving, beard and hair products- hassle free ordering and 30 days to pay...take your men’s grooming offering to the next level!

***News Just in***

If you're an independent food or specialty retailer looking to get you hands on Tiger Buck Beef Jerky- you now can.  Our friends at Product Distribution have now added Tiger Buck to their range of amazing brands from North America.  Check out their website and stock up on the good gear!


On Export:

At present, Tiger Buck is available only in Australia, but be patient…we’re currently working on getting it to the rest of the world…